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Broadcast with Bible Voice

Broadcast with Bible Voice

Is God calling you or your church to minister to the nations of the world, or to a particular people group? Do you grieve when you hear of the ordeals of the persecuted church? Do you long to speak encouragement to them? Perhaps you are compelled to teach the Word of God?

Bible Voice Broadcasting can provide the means for you to achieve these aims. We are constantly expanding our network of broadcast sites strategically located around the world. They provide an ever increasing listener audience.

We can include your program, in your own language and in your own voice, in our international broadcast schedules. For less than the cost of travelling abroad, a church or ministry can broadcast to the uttermost parts of the earth! To those who are called for this purpose pastors, evangelists, churches or mission organizations, or simply those with a desire to fulfil the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can help you by co-ordinating the most appropriate transmitter, airtime and frequency. We use sophisticated computer mapping to show you the signal strengths that you will achieve to reach your chosen audience.

If you have a heart for missions and a message to share, through Shortwave, Internet or FM,  our experienced professionals can help you with technical support. Bible Voice Broadcasting can help you get started! Contact us today at

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