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Program Policy

We are a non-profit organization operating non-commercial radio broadcasts. Broadcast rates reflect a sharing of costs. We raise funds from other sources to cover additional expenses incurred. In order to be faithful partners in this world outreach, all ministries must comply with the following points...

1.To begin to broadcast your program, it is necessary to sign a contract. Payments may be paid in advance or in monthly installments. It is required to make one monthly payment before the first broadcast starts.

2. In order for either party to cancel or amend a broadcast agreement, a written notice thirty (30) days in advance of the effective date, is required.

3. A month's supply of programs must be received five weeks before programs will be aired. Programs should be received five weeks in advance of airdate. If we do not receive programs on time, we will replay an earlier program. Programs can be mailed to one of our offices or can be uploaded by FTP (contact office for information).

4. Programs requiring payment for customs will not be accepted.

5. Programs must be at least 90 seconds shorter than the time allotted to allow for station breaks and ID's.

6. Programs must be broadcast quality. Formats accepted are cassette, CD or MP3. MP3 files should be recorded at 32Kbps with a sampling rate of 22050Hz, in mono. If a church service is recorded for broadcast, care must be taken to edit out announcements, local matters and blank spots (dead air). We prefer programs to be recorded especially for broadcast.

7. Programs will not be returned unless payment for shipment is received.

8. We reserve the right to edit or not play any programming not adhering to our Statement of Faith or quality standards. In the event a program is not aired for this or any reason the broadcaster will be notified.

9. The programs must be listener oriented.

10. The programs must be positive in their nature. Negative opinions about people or organizations, whether political or religious, must be avoided. Programs must not be used to solicit contributions.

11. All program content must have the Bible as its basis and be based in the overall message of the Bible.

12. The programs must show how God cares for the entire person - body, soul and spirit. Where needed, and if resources permit, the programs may contain information and teaching about health care, agricultural, environmental and other social matters.

13. The programs must maintain a high technical, cultural, Christian and moral level.

14. The translation of program material from other languages is acceptable only if that material has been adapted to listener culture and manner of communication.

15. The transmission of programs must not infringe the intellectual property of any other rights of any third Party.

16. The program content must contain nothing which is defamatory, obscene, contentious or illegal or which will be in breach of any applicable laws and/or regulatory codes, including, without limitation, any laws, codes or standards which would be applicable if the supply of the program was to be licensed by the Radio Authority as a local service.

17. The broadcast frequency or time should NOT be included in any program announcements due to daylight savings time and seasonal shortwave changes. Announcements concerning changes will be made by our studio staff.

18. Please be sure to include an email address. We encourage the use of an SMS telephone number, as well as a physical address that listeners can respond to.