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Iraq Radio

After Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) had been underway for a few years, High Adventure initiated Christian literature distribution among select villages and towns. As time went on, an opportunity to provide a small radio transmitter for a Kirkuk-based church became a reality. Christian radio began.


As more time progressed, High Adventure’s opportunities did also and in 2009 a large transmitter and antenna was sent to a Baghdad church where it began to air Christian music, messaging and prayer among the embattled community and area.


Shortly afterwards a third station was installed in Basra, in partnership with the Baghdad partner.


Today, approximately 10 million of Iraq’s population can hear the sound of Christian radio broadcasts through High Adventure supported Iraqi partnerships.


As funding allows and as safety permits, High Adventure and partners will continue to expand Christian radio and humanitarian aid among Iraqi communities. 


Click on the attachments below to learn more about our broadcasts.


Opportunities exist for appropriate programming to be aired on Baghdad, Basra or Kirkuk Radio.  Please contact our Program Manager at