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Liberia Radio

Liberia came into being as a country where freed slaves could enjoy their God-given right to physical and spiritual freedom, and for many years this small nation of 3 million people was a beacon of hope, reaching out across the continent of Africa with the Gospel by shortwave radio.

Recent civil conflict interrupted this freedom for 20 years until new leadership began the slow process of restructuring a nation.  Christian radio re-emerged for the people of Liberia. 

High Adventure linked arms with trusted Liberian Christians to begin reaching communities with Biblical music and messaging on Worship FM radio network, created through partnership.

High Adventure Canada and High Adventure Liberia have built and now operate community radio stations in Monrovia, Sasstown and Bomi County, reaching a combined audience of 1.4 million Liberians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

As an emerging nation, Liberia faces many challenges to its infrastructure, resulting in ongiong need for equipment to build and operate the Worship FM radio facilities.

Opportunities exist for appropriate programming to be aired on Worship FM stations. Please contact our Program Manager at