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Kenya Radio


If you are a broadcaster and interested in placing your program on any of these stations then please contact:

In 2002, High Adventure felt the call of God to build a Christian FM radio station for Kisumu, Kenya situated on Lake Victoria. Initial efforts were made to establish a working partnership but soon evaporated.


In 2004, a Kenyan born Christian was stirred by God to do something to help with the ever growing problems of AIDS, poverty and corruption and turned to High Adventure for the purpose of bringing Christian radio to Kisumu. In turn, High Adventure enlisted the help of long time partner Blessings for Obedience USA.


After a year of planning and fund raising, Sahara FM 94.2 switched on its small transmitter, from a hill overlooking Kisumu. Many were excited about this new Christian voice for this once glorious city in Kenya, but it soon became apparent the target was too big for such small equipment, and the "team" continued to fund raise.


Today, Sahara FM reaches nearly 1.5 million Kenyans with a strong voice, broadcasting sound teaching and encouraging music.


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