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Kenya Radio

In 2002, High Adventure felt the call of God to build a Christian FM radio station for Kisumu, Kenya, a well-established city on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria.  But an appropriate partner was not available at that time.

Then in 2004, a Kenyan born Christian was stirred by God to consider media to meet the ever growing problems of AIDS, poverty and corruption in his country, and soon turned to High Adventure.  Blessings for Obedience USA joined the team and in 2005, Sahara FM 94.2 began its broadcast to over 1 million Kenyans daily.

As listeners continued to respond to the messages of salvation, hope and healing, Sahara FM leadership requested help to begin another station, this time for Busia, a border town that stands beween Kenya and Uganda.  In 2012, Sahara FM came alive in the skies over Busia, reaching the many residents and travelers who reside and travel in this area. 

Then in 2014, a unique circumstance presented itself to Sahara FM leadership.  A broadcast license had been aquired for the community of Webuye but the Kenyan pastor could not fulfill the obligations and soon it would expire.  After negotiation between Sahara and this pastor, a mutually acceptable arrangement was made in November 2014, just weeks before the license would have expired.  Sahara FM came alive in this area, adding approximately 500,000 Kenyans to the Sahara FM audience. 

Today, approximately 2.5 million Kenyans can hear Biblical messages and music over Sahara FM radio.

Opportunities exist for appropriate programming to be aired on Sahara FM.  Please contact our Program Manager at