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Rwanda Radio

If you are a broadcaster and interested in placing your program on any of these stations then please contact:

After many years of simmering tensions between Rwanda's Hutu and Tutsis tribes, Rwanda suffered a genocide in which nearly 1 million people were slaughtered in 100 days, in the spring/summer of 1994.

Throughout the genocide, God's servants worked hard to sustain life wherever possible and afterwards, waited on Him for opportunities to minister hope and healing to Rwanda's 8 million people. One such man is Pastor Joseph Karasanyi.

In 2004, Pastor Joseph enlisted western help to build a Christian FM radio station for Kigali's 1 million residents. After one year of fund raising efforts, High Adventure and a partner ministry (Blessings for Obedience USA) constructed Restore FM 98.0. First broadcasts began in June, 2005 and its message of forgiveness, reconciliation and salvation continues today.

High Adventure's Don and Marty McLaughlin have traveled throughout Rwanda, listening to the praises of God flowing over communities where only a few years earlier, the sounds of violent death were the only sounds piercing the countryside.

Restore FM is a significant radio ministry that needs help to ensure longevity. This ministry continues every day, but we have worn out 7 generators and must make a change. We need help ($4,000) to bring consistent power to the remote hilltop broadcast site. If you are able to help us meet this need, be sure to contact us.

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