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Uganda Radio

If you are a broadcaster and interested in placing your program on any of these stations then please contact:

In the wake of 40 years of civil war, an exploding AIDS epidemic and crushing poverty, God has raised up His people to bring words of hope, healing and deliverance to millions of Ugandans. One such man is Bishop Grivas Musisi.

Bishop Musisi has led many crusades across Uganda, resulting in the planting of over 100 churches. But the task of Evangelism continues to burn in Bishop Musisi's heart, resulting in a new direction-Ugandan Radio.

High Adventure/Bible Voice linked arms with Bishop Musisi to build Dunamis FM 103 at the edge of Kampala and within the first 2 years, over 2000 Ugandans have come to faith in Jesus! This new voice for Uganda continues to touch lives-testimonies of healing deliverance and salvation pour in each month.

In support of Bishop Musisi's vision to reach Uganda for Christ, High Adventure/Bible Voice found help from Western Christians to build Uganda's first and only Christian Shortwave radio station. Today, Dunamis SW 4.750 receives a constant flow of listener's calls from every corner of Uganda.

Dunamis FM and Dunamis SW exist to air the Music and Message of God-there is some space available for international broadcasters to minister into Ugandan lives.

To learn more about our work 'On the Ground' in Uganda follow this link.  Click here to listen to our Dunamis Shortwave broadcast