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East Africa

Dunamis FM

Bishop GrivasBishop Grivas Musisi is a man called of God to minister healing to many African nations, beginning with his beloved Uganda. For 17 years he has led Prayer Palace Christian Center in Kampala, Uganda, ministering the Word of God, resulting in healing to the body, soul and spirit of thousands of fellow Ugandans.

Bishop Musisi has also been used of God to plant 85 churches throughout East Africa, bringing comfort and support to children who have been orphaned by AIDS and by tribal conflicts. Over 500 children receive daily Christian education and personal ministry at the hands of Bishop Musisi's dedicated school and orphanage staff.

Bishop Grivas, Don and Martin, Dunamis FM PresentersAfter many years of praying, fasting and ministering, it has become apparent that more must be done to encourage positive lifestyle choices in an effort to stop the advance of AIDS. And more must be done to foster good relationships among Ugandans, resulting in less conflict. Radio has been chosen as the vehicle to carry positive messaging to Ugandan communities every day. And so, on January 2004, Dunamis FM 103 signed on as a Christian voice for Kampala and surrounding districts. Immediately, calls poured in from every direction as Christian music covered 1.5 million people under the Dunamis banner. More stations are planned and await necessary funding.

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