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Radio Trinity

Radio Trinity 97.5 FM
Bo, Sierra Leone

This is the second Christian radio station established in the republic of Sierra Leone and the first in the hinterlands of the country. The establishment of this station was a dream of our General Superintendent of New Life Services Mission. It was an answer to prayer! Amidst huddles and hiccups, this dream was finally realized, through the support of GALCOM International. On September 20, 2003 we started test transmission from Radio Trinity 97.5 FM right on Mount Zion!

The name Radio Trinity reflects our belief in the Godhead (God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Public opinion about the station is high and our coverage area is presently about 200 square miles.

Approximately, half of the countrys population is being reached by the station. We presently air programs ranging from religious, agricultural, to family affairs. Broadcasts are in English, Krio and Mende languages. We have a staff of nine and several trained volunteers.

CLICK HERE to listen to a sample of the broadcasts

To place programming on this station please contact: